What would be the perfect packaging for consumer goods?

It should protect the content and be attractive to buyers, but at the same time be inexpensive.

Attractive polypropylene bags are increasingly used in retail business.

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For the packaging of final consumer goods, the fabric is laminating with a polypropylene film, on the reverse side of which a photographic quality image is applied.

This ensures an effective advertising product presentation and accurate placement of the bar code.

Dry foods weighing more than 10 kg, such as rice, cereal products for breakfast and animal feed, are more reliable and cheaper packed in new bags than in traditional paper bags, besides polypropylene fabric bags are completely recyclable.

They provide the following benefits:

  • Ease and strength
  • Durability
  • Low costs of material
  • Production profitability
  • Environmental compatibility
  • 100% recyclable


The company is engaged in the production of a wide range of polymer products to meet the highest quality products and market requirements.

At the moment the JV «SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS» LLC supplies its products for the light industry sector, textile, food and chemical industries and provide almost all the entities with quality products.

Polypropylene bags – universal packaging, which is widely used in packaging.

Bags for flour, bags for cereals, pasta, bags, household. Polypropylene bag may be used not only for packing, packaging and storing the food, but also for building materials, various solids. Polypropylene bags in performance are superior of flax, jute and paper bags. Polypropylene bags have chemical resistance and don’t rotten.

Polypropylene bags for 25-120 kg

Dimensions: 45×75; 45×85; 50×85; 50×80; 50×100; 55×105; 56×115; 58×105; 58×108; 95×130 sm. 

Weight of a bag: 35-300 g. 

Packaging: 500 and 1000 pieces.

  1. The bags are designed for packaging of the food products: sugar, salt, flour, cereals, seeds, pasta, feeds.
  2. Bags for non-food products: construction materials, chemicals, fertilizers, expanded clay, peat as well as for freight forwarding companies to pack small cargo.
  3. Bags for packing of bulk volume products: clothing, fabrics, cotton, rubber products. Widely used by freight forwarding companies for packing of medium sized loads.

Images and logos with flexor printing may be applied to all categories of bags.

The bags with PE liner are offered for bulk food solids and chemicals.

According to customers’ requirements, the PP bags with one or two sides laminated coating by BOPP film are getting produced. Also produced polypropylene valve box bags, various types and sizes in accordance with the order requirements.All produced bags are tested and inspected for quality control in production laboratory for compliance with standards.

For all produced products have a Certificate of Conformity and Sanitary Epidemiological Conclusion.


Any kind of bulk products needs good and reliable packaging for transportation and delivery to the final consumer.

Polypropylene bags are great for packaging all kinds of bulk products and their characteristics are much better than paper, linen and jute.
Bags made from primary raw materials are white in color and are the most reliable among the other types of bags made of propylene.
Polypropylene bags – convenient, practical and easy to use type of packaging. They are intended for packaging bulk goods of mass consumption, are used as a container for small wholesale and retail food trade, building materials, various fertilizers, etc.What is attractive polypropylene bags?  ü They have high mechanical and impact strength.

  • Polypropylene fabric resistant to repeated bending and abrasion
  • High resistance to boiling water and alkali

Polypropylene bags are resistant to low temperatures (up to –70 ° С)

  • Polypropylene is resistant to high temperatures (up to + 100 ° С)
  • Polypropylene bags are not afraid of organic solvents
  • Polypropylene bags are not subject to erosion
  • They do not decompose during long-term storage of highly active substances.
  • Polypropylene bags have excellent dielectric properties.
  • Small weight is another important advantage of polypropylene bags.
  • Polypropylene bags – an eco-friendly type of packaging!

All bags produced under quality control. Each product is inspected in production laboratory conditions of the Company.

The following stages of finished product inspection are carried out at our production workshops:

  • Visually check for holes, uneven seams and other mechanical defects.
  • Check for compliance with the size.
  • Measuring of bags density. 
  • Investigation of the tensile load of the web and seams.
  • Checking resistance of the product to sunlight.
  • Checking for odors, which should not be

All produced products are certified and meet to the high standards requirements.
The safety of using polypropylene bags for food packaging is confirmed by a hygienic certificate of sanitary and epidemiological conclusion of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In order to ensure the maintenance of a stable guarantee quality of the produced polypropylene bags, as well as competent formation of all the goals of the enterprise, while taking into account consumer demand and a clear definition of internal processes and their management, in 2015 JV LLC SIRDARYO MEGA LUKS introduced a quality system ISO 9001: 2015.