A contract was signed with the «Brückner Group GmbH»

In addition, a contract was signed with the “Brückner Group GmbH” German company for the purchase of 2 BOPP film production lines.

Since 1960, the “Bruckner” film orientation technology division has successfully maintained its leading position, constantly introducing pioneering solutions in the field of film production lines.

Currently, more than half of all investments in the industry of the production of biaxially oriented films accounted for Bruckner equipment.

Polypropylene (PP) is unconditionally the most common polymer used to produce biaxially oriented films (BOPP).

Among the great variety of synthetic and natural packaging materials, BOPP films (biaxially oriented films) today occupy leading positions, displacing competitors such as cellophane, foil, polyamide or polyethylene fluoride (PET).

This is not surprising, because in comparison with their closest competitors, they have quite a few advantages:

  • high strength with low density and weight;
  • a relatively low price and a rich assortment for various purposes;
  • resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • Depending on the type of film, BOPP has a different degree of transparency, and is also well suited for printing or applying a metallic coating;
  • the ability to add new layers, giving new characteristics, such as protection from the accumulation of static electricity, gloss, etc.;
  • inertness, which makes it an excellent option for food packaging, resistance to light, high humidity and oxygen;
  • resistance to microbes, mold;
  • lack of own smell;
  • ease of processing, in particular welding, printing, lamination, cutting.