Team of JV «SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS» LLC  it’s a major asset.

We appreciate in our employees the desire to achieve results, the willingness to work in a team and take responsibility.

JV “SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS” LLC provides ample opportunities for the disclosure of their own potential and career growth of their employees.

Our team is a team of professionals, formed from talented, motivated and focused on the success of people.

The staff willingness and ability to work productively, to develop, to learn new things is the key to the long-term success of JV “SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS” LLC.

Therefore, in its activities, JV complies with high standards in matters of social and personnel policy.

We welcome the appearance in our ranks of specialists whose energy and professional knowledge will contribute to achieving their ambitious goals of JV “SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS” LLC.

JV is always ready to admit new employees, graduates from specialized universities who want to build a career in the industry for the processing and production of polymer products. As a rule, they begin to work in the production workshops of JV in working positions corresponding to their specialty. From the first days of work, young employees receive the help and support of experienced specialists of the company who help them adapt and acquaint themselves with the specifics of the production.

Currently more than 650 qualified and trained personnel are involved in the production.
When modernizing an existing polypropylene production plant, the number of employees will increase up to 2,500.Recruitment is carried out on a competitive basis. You can send us your resume to the following e-mail address:, which will be sent for review to the HR Department of JV “SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS” LLC. In case of interest, the candidates will be additionally informed and invited for an interview.In case of interest, the candidates will be additionally informed and invited for an interview.

(Русский) Трейд маркетолог

от 2 500 000 сум

(Русский) Менеджер по продукту

от 2 500 000 сум

(Русский) Менеджер по продажам

от 2 500 000 сум

(Русский) Специалист контакт центра

от 2 500 000 сум

(Русский) Ведущий специалист

от 2 500 000 сум