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The main productive activity of JV «SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS» is the production of polypropylene woven bags. Polypropylene bags are popular, economical and easy to use form of packaging. The success of the company is based on an individual approach to each client, flexible terms and the efficient execution of orders on the packaging of various products. Polypropylene bags - universal container, which is widely used in packaging. Bags for flour, bags of cereals, pasta, bags household.

Polypropylene bag can be used not only for packaging, packaging and storage of food, but also for building materials, various solids. Polypropylene bags in performance superior to flax, jute and paper bags. Polypropylene bags have chemical resistance and does not undergo decay. Polypropylene bags are the most common container for bulk products.

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Uzbek-Russian Joint Venture «SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS» in the form of Limited Liability Company has been created in 2009. The company is involved in production of various PP (polypropylene) woven bags on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan import-export transactions of various polymers.



At the moment the JV «SIRDARYO-MEGA-LUKS» LLC supplies its products for the light industry sector, textile, food and chemical industries and provide almost all the entities with quality products. Polypropylene bags are universal containers, which are widely used in packaging. Bags for flour, bags for cereals.



On the first of September we will open extra filial of our factory.

We are waiting for new machines from Austria of Star Linger Company.